A commitment to innovation and sustainability

Toledo Systems is a defense research & technology lab focused on creating systems for economic sovereignty and a sustainable superior NATO defense

A passion for digital sovereignty

Our suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from the U.S military to the local non-profit

Financial Freedom

Self custody crypto with Cilium

Ethereum Staking On Kubernetes

Manage Eth staking nodes with micro-services for easy maintenance and deep visibility

Point of Sales Bitcoin Payments

Run a Bitcoin gateway on a Kubernetes cluster for high availability

Defense and ISR

Develop mission software on Go

Cloud Native Computing, No Vendor Lock-in

Deploy sensitive workloads on our cloud native information system tailored for defense applications and their security compliance


Our mission is to modernize the NATO defense with sustainable superiority

Mission Software

  • Deploy modernized ISR platforms for any vehicle
  • Nation state proof security with cloud native solutions for workloads
  • Achieve un-matchable agility for any platform

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  • Understand digital systems through Catholic dogma
  • Case studies that enable digital sovereignty
  • Exclusive access to design insights
  • Updates on TS latest services

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