Defense Capability Statement





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Toledo Systems has 10 years of experience in designing embedded software applications. Our most recent accomplishment was on the Open Mission Systems (OMS) framework, with deliveries of computer software components (CSCs).

Toledo Systems specializes in the design, development and testing of deterministic core OMS services for the following:

  • Startup of Common Management Services, Components or Subsystems
  • Status or Health of Common Management Services, Components or Subsystems
  • State Change of Common Management Services, Components or Subsystems
  • Redundancy of Common Management Services, Components or Subsystems

Toledo Systems has developed, designed and written requirements for the following OMS services:

  • Common Management Services or Components
  • Command and Control APIs of Common Management Services or Components
  • Component Sensor Integration

Customers with beta OMS products that need additional requirements to get them battlefield or production ready may award Toledo Systems as a subcontractor to reach milestones. Staff at Toledo Systems have fielded several OMS Management systems worth tens of $millions that were previously broken products.

The company’s cloud infrastructure will run on OpenStack or Kubernetes services providing the needed security measures and high availability for developers’ virtual workstation environments and their DevOps services. If a container or VM is indicated by the monitoring service to be compromised it would be taken offline and a clean backup would take its place with an updated network policy. A security audit of the VM or container would be initiated and all forensic logs would be evaluated to understand the scope of the breach and the prevention of future non-authorized entries.

Only onsite authorized personal would run and manage the cloud services. The network policy will restrict network access to whitelisted machines and IP addresses on Toledo Systems’ network. Developers would have non-root permissions on managed machines, root privilege reserved only for authorized IT admins.

Traditional firewall policies mostly operate on L3/L4 on the OSI stack, IP addresses and ports. This or that port or IP may be blocked or allowed. However, on a micro services framework such as Kubernetes this can be extended to L7 or the application layer. Actions may be limited on a specific micro service (ex: allows puts but not post) and on a whitelist of clients. Our internal clusters will have restrictive network policies operating on both L3/4 and L7.

Toledo Systems will be a full spectrum avionics software engineering firm. We want to service our customers on our own cloud infrastructure with Agile processes and also have labs to integrate the hardware and software on the avionics boxes, then test those boxes on a flight simulator.

Please contact sales to initiate a whitepaper or proposal. Our whitepapers will be published on this website with password protected links and downloadable to a Microsoft word format. If solicited for a whitepaper, the customer would receive the access credentials for their whitepaper through the contract’s point of contact.